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digital binge / digital purge

you could say that i am a digital hoarder. i binge on images i find on the internets, and then i purge them here. you'll find images of men, Madonna and some seriously random shit. i think you're gonna like it here.

can i also just add, if you're a photographer or a model and you see something you'd rather not see here, you can just kindly ask...but keep in mind, the internet is a pretty big place. did you know that? i no longer post images that have some sort of "please ask permission." it's too much of a headache. so...before you get all legal n' shit on me, know that i'm just posting what's already out there.

don't judge; just enjoy

Just Passed 2200 followers!

…i feel i should commemorate this moment? shall we do it with TMI questions? pics? an ambrosia salad?

ask me some shit, bitches!


Cheers everyone! It’s a classy kinda night. Poppin’ in a movie and got some White Zinfadel for comfort. Now all I need is a man ha

you ain’t gonna find a man while you’re sippin’ on some white zinfandel! LOL!

jus’ kiddin’……


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for those of you who are too stunted to know…”jeff spicoli” is the name of the character sean penn played in “fast times at ridgemont high” —- one of the best movies of the 80’s!